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Hamlet Full Blown Essay :

Individuals may endure many hardships throughout their life. Some of which can be controlled and some of which happened uncontrollably. Sometimes, individuals will work on solving their hardships to restore their honour and certainty to life. ( Define the key word ) ( Society connection ) In the tragic play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, he expresses the struggles individuals face when trying to restore their certainty of life and honour. ( DO A THESIS ) .. seeking the truth.

Dads Death, Ghost, Marriage,

To begin, Hamlet's peaceful life was flipped upside down very quickly because of many compelling circumstances that occurred throughout the play. The first compelling event that took place was when his father, King Hamlet, dies. This causes Hamlet to go into a melon chloric state. While showing signs of mourning for his father, Claudius asks Hamlet why "the clouds still hang upon him."

Claudius and Gertrude are confused to why Hamlet is having such a difficult time dealing with the loss. Clearly no one else is devastated by the death like Hamlet the way he is and Hamlet can not understand why. The guards kept talking about this mysterious "thing" that's been appearing throughout the last two nights; It was a ghost. Horatio asks the ghost a few questions but the ghost walks off without answering. Horatio is uncertain and tries to understand the situation. Horatio addresses Hamlet that he has seen the ghost of his dead father. Hamlet responds to this hardship by acknowledging the ghost to try and allow for a better understanding of his fathers death. In contrast as the ghost doesn't speak to Horatio, he does speak to Hamlet and says to him, "murder most foul…a villain poured poison into his ear, the very villain who now...