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In Hamlet, Queen Gertrude was a primary character. Gertrude was the Queen of Denmark who was married to King Hamlet. The two had a son who was also named Hamlet who she loved very much.

When the story opened, the Queen was grieving over the death of her husband, King Hamlet. It was obvious that she loved the King very much by the way she cried at his death, but she soon recovered and married the King's brother, Claudius, days after. In those days, doing such a deed was considered incest because it was her brother that she married. She seemed to accept the death of the King very well, because she told Hamlet, "All that lives must die passing through nature to eternity." Hamlet revealed that he was upset about their marriage when one of his friends said he came for the King's funeral, and Hamlet quickly replies "Truly do not mock me fellow student, I think it was see my mother's wedding."

However, during the play put on by Hamlet, she acted to be a little embarrassed, knowing the Queen in the play represented herself. In the movie, Queen Gertrude acted as if she was extremely in love with Claudius, too.

Queen Gertrude always wore very stylish clothes. She was tall, slender and had a light complexion. She always wore long dresses with long sleeves. She had long blonde hair, which she kept braided, down, or around her face. In a few scenes she wore a head piece that strapped around her head and neck. She had blue eyes and wore a lot of jewelry. At one point she was wearing a necklace with the picture of King Claudius, but later it shows her wearing a silver cross. She always wore two rings on her right hand and a couple more on the left.

In the end, along with Hamlet and King Claudius, Queen Gertrude died. This happened when she drank a toast to Prince Hamlet, with the wine containing the poison, which Claudius was going to use to kill Hamlet.