Hamlet-character Sketches

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Hamlet is an oval because his character isn't perfect. He is in the color purple because he is the prince of Denmark. The yellow and red circles represent his extremes, passion and reason. They are mixed together because he does not have a balance between them. The black zigzag represents the dark impulses inside Hamlet. The question mark represents Hamlet's tragic flaw that he is a procrastinator and has to think about everything. The blue dripping represents his melancholy and depression.

Horatio is a circle because he is the perfect character. He is well rounded and balanced. The yellow because he is so bright. The triangle represents his strength and the white is his purity. The graduation hat because he is a scholar, wise, and trustworthy. He is so close to Hamlet because they are true friends and Horatio is the only person Hamlet trusts.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are an octagon because they have many sides.

They pretend to be Hamlet's friends but they are really spying on him for the King. The black represents their deceiving and greedy nature. The dollar sign is because all they want is money and the broken heart because they betrayed Hamlet.

Laertes is a little cloud because we don't know much about his character. The red heart symbolizes that he loves his sister and cares about her well being.

Ophelia is a red rhombus because she is weak and full of mixed up emotions. The green heart is for Ophelia's obedience towards her father. She stops seeing Hamlet, even though she loves him, because her father told her too. The twisted paper represents her relationship with Hamlet. The pink is for their love for each other and the blue for the sadness and the separation between them.

Polonius is a rectangle because...