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William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", has been reproduced by many illustrious directors. Courageous Franco Zeffirelli and Kenneth Branagh have attempted to mimic the Shakespearean mind and refurbish the play in a unique manner to capture the true essence of Hamlet. The attempt to project the Shakespearean mind was magnificent by both men, but Zeffirelli's version proved to be far more superior due to his technique of dramatic approach throughout the film as well as portraying the theme of madness within Hamlet and Ophelia. The media elements that play a vital role in the movie to enhance the accurate projection of the essence of Hamlet were set design, acting as well as the choice of actors, costume, camera angles and the editing.

In Branagh's reproduction of the Nunnery scene, he followed the exact guidelines from the text; unlike Zeffirelli who decided to be creative and enhance the depiction of Hamlet's mental state.

Zeffirelli also deletes and breaks the order of the scenes which further add a great deal of suspense and excitement. The audience notices that Branagh's setting is set in an ostentatious palace with a militia entourage carrying modern arsenals. Such a garish rococo setting weakens the mood and it contrasts with the grim and tragic themes of the play. On the other hand, the creative Zeffirelli took his spectators to medieval age through his gothic, rustic, dark, and melancholic castle, as well as animal skin on the king which clearly suits his barbaric and savage character. In addition, Branagh's idea of using simpler camera techniques was also a disaster as it demanded no interests by its audience and lacked its ability to genuinely transform the movie into a realistic situation. This is proven when Hamlet delivers his soliloquy in front of a mirror. The camera remains motionless which in turn...