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Hamlet Essay Many hundreds of years ago, William Shakespeare wrote what he thought to be a great fictional tragedy. He was right in one aspect, Hamlet did become on of his most successful plays ever written, it wasn't however as fictional as he might have believed. Many of the topics and ideas in this play reappear in our lives today.

Hamlet likes to express his intense hatred towards his mother's new husband who is also his uncle. He makes it very clear that he thinks she made a horrible decision. This scenario reoccurs many times in today's society. Now that divorce is so prominent, the rate of second marriages has also increased. There are many times that the children involved don't like their new mother or father. Many times the parents take into consideration the thoughts of their children but in some cases, like that of Hamlet, the children aren't even thought of.

This caused a lot of anger towards the situation. He felt that his mother was betraying his father by marrying his uncle. He was so upset about losing his father that he would have probably hated anyone his mother had married.

One would think something that bothered Hamlet this much would eventually drive him mad but did it really? Hamlet was thought to have gone insane by Claudius and his fellow former schoolmates but was he actually as mad as he was perceived to be? It seems he had many reasons to be insane such as the death of his father, his mother marrying his uncle, the death of Ophelia, the fact that he had seen the ghost of his father and his constant need for revenge. His insanity was just a cover to hide what was really the problem, that he was burdened with extreme...