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During the course of the play, certain actions of Hamlet are most significant and revealing of his character. Even in his first words of the play, Hamlet can be labeled as a character not happy with others' decisions. This comes into play with Hamlet's mother Gertrude because of her marrying to early after Hamlets death. He is a very witty character who uses his intelligence and can play around with his words, for example in Act 1 lines 66 and 69 with the words "son" and "sun". Although he is brilliant in his own way, he is also very doubtful of himself, which might be the reason why he contemplates the idea of suicide.

In each of Hamlet's soliloquies, he examines all the external action preventing and also obligating him to take on his duties as a son and a prince. During the first soliloquy, Hamlet is wondering about killing himself and why his mother could betray his father by marrying another man so early after his death.

This is spoken after the court has left, including his mother and his uncle (his new father). In his second soliloquy, Hamlet is in trouble with his personal side because he is questioning his call of revenge against his uncle. He is testing himself for not taking action right away, and feels like he is a coward. In line 617, he literally tells himself to turn his mind to another idea, which is of the play where he will catch his uncle's guilty conscience about his father's death. Hamlet's third soliloquy is were he contemplates suicide again. "To be or not to be that is the question…." is the first line and probably the best example throughout the play. Hamlet doesn't want to go through the process of...