Hamlet, Heart of Darkness and Wuthering Heights

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IntroductionThis essay compares one literary works to two others belonging to a different genre by focusing on one literary element. The texts that have been chosen for analysis are Hamlet by William Shakespeare that would be compared to Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. The first text is a play or drama whereas the rest of the two are novels. The comparison would focus on the themes of the three works.

Comparison of Hamlet with Wuthering HeightsThe theme of justice is a recurrent theme in literature. When human beings fail to do justice with each other and deal fairly with one another then nature comes in to play its role. This is a theme that both Hamlet and Wuthering Heights share. It is important to mention here that both the works were written during times when religion played an important role in the life of the common man.

In both the texts supernatural form of justice takes place which is something that is quite a lot of times discussed in the religious scripture. Evil doers are punished for their wrong doings and evil intentions not just in this world but beyond the grave as well.

When nature takes justice into its own hands, the corrupt suffer in the world as well as in the hereafter. What happens to Claudius and Polonius in Hamlet is a good example of this. Both Claudius and Polonius in Hamlet stand against Hamlet with evil intentions. Polonius dies an "accidental" death and that also by none other than Hamlet himself and ironically while he was trying to spy on the conversation between Hamlet and his mother, Queen Gertrude. Polonius' guile and eavesdropping bring on his death. They are rightly punished for their evil intentions.

As for Claudius, he had...