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Ophelia, in this tragedy many see her as just Hamlet's lover, a character who is selfish in not helping Hamlet when in need, or just a psycho lover with a lot of problems. What if the story was twisted so that the play wasn't a tragedy and actually turned into a love story due to Ophelia? This is how I would have written it if I were William Shakespeare. Ophelia who was Hamlet's love in the play would have recognized the reason for Hamlet's madness, taken the situation in to her own hands in order to stay with Hamlet, and would have solved all the problems that makes this play a tragedy.

When Hamlet first realizes who has killed his father he starts to plan his revenge. In the beginning of the play Ophelia recognizes that Hamlet is having problems and forms an opinion, which hints to hamlet being mad or insane.

She doesn't really pay attention to Hamlet's real needs and purpose for being upset. What should have happened is. Hamlet would of let Ophelia know the truth about Claudius so that Ophelia would have a better understanding of where Hamlet is coming from. By recognizing this first, many problems in the original tragedy wouldn't have taken place.

With Ophelia aware of the murderer, she takes matters into her own hands due to her love for Hamlet. Secretly she kills Claudius, but the cause for his death is unknown. Hamlet is the only person besides Ophelia who knows who the culprit is. This is kept a secret between the two and their love is what keeps the secret from getting out.

All the little tragedies within the original tragedy are what make it such a great tragedy, but if I were to make this into a...