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Kenneth Branagh's production of Shakespeare's Hamlet was one of the few film versions of the famous play that reproduced every scene from the original work. As both director and main actor, Branagh introduced this great tragedy with wit, energy and emotional honesty. This production showed most of Shakespeare's formidable plot -a young prince seeking revenge for the murder of his father.

The setting of the movie was fabulous. The exterior shots of the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire stand in for Elsinore. The interior was also astonishing. Elsinore was a decorative palace with an enormous throne room with checker board marble floors, balconies and arching crosswalks, lined with mirrored doors; behind the doors are interconnecting alcoves and libraries -all with hidden doors and secret passways. Though the interior and exterior of the palace were amazingly beautiful, unfortunately; many scenes are undermined by surprisingly bad set dressing and cheesy special effects.

Mostly, at night time when they tired to capture a spooky, creepy feeling, it is ruin by the over use of dry ice and fake snow which didn't seem realistic.

The technique of cinematography was very creative. The used of flashback visuals added more dimension to several of the characters. For example, flashes of Hamlet's memory to establish the love affair between Ophelia and himself. This showed how deep their relationship was. Also, the flashbacks of Claudius flirting with Queen Gertrude while his brother; the King was still alive. This showed the audience that they had some kind of relationship behind Old Hamlet's back. From this device, it helps to underline hidden scenes from the book. It also helps to tell the story. Overall, this is a cinematic stroke that brings more sensual flavour to the production.

The camera movement is more a technical wonder because the audience...