Hamlet: Queen Gertrude

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In terms of stories that feature great amounts of irony, Hamlet is one that is not only a classic because of the text, author, and style, it is also a great classic piece filled with irony. A huge theme in the book is the portrayal of Hamlet as a crazed maniac, because of his fathers death. To the characters in the book, his thoughts and dialogue are viewed as crazy talk, when in reality Hamlet is the only one who knows exactly what is going on in the kingdom.

With all of the above being said, and considering the reader understands that Hamlet is not crazy, a character that enhances Hamlet's character would be his own mother, Queen Gertrude. Many times during the play we see Gertrude choose her new husband over Hamlet.

After her first husbands death, Gertrude wait's a short two months before she decides to remarry.

She decides to marry Claudius the Kings own brother, and Hamlets uncle. The marriage is celebrated with many feasts and gatherings, which greatly upsets Hamlet. He loved his father and does not understand how his mother could be so happy with a new husband so soon after her husbands death.

The one major flaw of Gertrude is that she often took sides with Claudius, going against her own son. At one point, Claudius insults Hamlets manhood because of the long period he is taking to mourn his father. Instead of being a supportive and protective mother, Gertrude agrees and even takes Claudius's side in not allowing Hamlet to attend the Wittenburg School.

The last mistake Gertrude makes is not listening to Hamlet when he warns her about Claudius. He feels his mother should leave because he does care for her, and wants her to be safe. But,