Hamlet's multi-faceted character

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Hamlet?s multi-dimensional character

The play Hamlet is undoubtedly the most famous Shakespearean play in the world of Literature. It resembled the peak of Shakespeare?s career as a playwright and a poet. .

The tragedy is a milestone in Shakespeare?s dramatic development;

the playwright achieved artistic maturity in this work through his

brilliant depiction of a hero?s struggle with two opposing forces:

moral integrity and the need to avenge his father?s murder.


Hamlet plays the role of the tragic hero in this Shakespearean tragedy. Like any Shakespearean tragic hero, Hamlet has a tragic flaw: Procrastination. His tragic flaw prevents him from making sound decisions and back them with actions; this inevitably led Hamlet to his downfall and ultimately his death. His tragic flaw was powered by three main traits that are present in Hamlet?s character: his indecisive manner, his overly analytical nature and his Christian morality.

At the start of the play, the audience sees a depressed Hamlet who is trying to cope with his father?s untimely death and the rather hasty marriage of his mother, the queen to Claudius the new King of Denmark. He is angry and disillusioned over the fact that it has been just two months since his dear father?s death and his mother went and married his father?s brother without even giving proper mourning.

He exposes his tortured feeling in his first soliloquy when he says

How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable

Seem to me all the uses of this world!

Fie on?t! O fie! ?tis an unweeded garden,

?That it should come to this!

But two months dead! Nay, not so much, not two;

So excellent a king; that was, to this, (I, ii, 133 ? 139)

Here, Hamlet gives the audience a clear glimpse into his tortured...