Hamlet by SHakespeare

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Many of us often make wrong choices in our lifetime. Queen Gertrude, a woman who chose to remarry only two months after her husband's death, makes a very bad decision that causes many misfortunes in her family. Not only did she rapidly remarry, but also she married her husband's brother, Claudius. However, Gertrude is not the only guilty party is this awful and immoral act. Claudius wanted to have his brother's life so bad he had him killed and than stole his throne and his wife. Gertrude and Claudius' marriage is based on betrayal, immoral desire, and deceitful exploitation.

Marriage is not about what you can get out of your spouse, however, the characters in this story seem to think this way. In this story, the characters do not know the true meaning of love and they show that they are concerned more about themselves than their families.

The sad part is that most marriages today are the same way. A lot of people get married for all the wrong reasons and this usually causes heartbreaking endings. Gertrude and Claudius indeed have deplorable intentions, even though they act as if they are genuinely in love. Gertrude's and Claudius marriage is wrong for many reasons; first, Gertrude's betrays her late husband King Hamlet, Claudius killed his brother to steal his throne and wife, it causes Hamlet to rebuke his mother and eventually hate all women, and many people end up dead as a result.