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This essay will explore the play's Hamlet soliloquy development. My task is to analyse the points of revenge, love, betrayal and the duty of hamlet and of he does it. Furthermore I will be also investigating at how Shakespeare uses these themes and many others as a narrative tool. In addition if the play engages the audience into the play.

Shakespeare's "Hamlet" revolves around the complex character, Hamlet, and his duty to take revenge for his father's murder. This leads Hamlet, a philosopher not a killer, to search deep within himself for the solution to his dilemma. Shakespeare uses soliloquies in order to show the audience the true feelings of Hamlet. His lengthy soliloquies put forward the confusing emotions and thoughts of Hamlet, allowing the audience to further understand his character. Each soliloquy, each slightly different, state Hamlet's personal conflicts and his reasons for delaying his task.

Hamlet's first soliloquy reveals his thoughts and feelings that are the basis of his actions later on.

His inner conflicts concerning his hatred for his mother's "incestuous" marriage to his uncle, his depressive mood, and his great reverence for his father are revealed in this speech. Each aspect of this soliloquy shows the central and conflicting part in Hamlet's task. While he hates Claudius and greatly praises his father, Hamlet will be weighed down by his moral and ethical logic, therefore taking no action. In the beginning lines of this soliloquy Hamlet is already considering suicide. "O, that this too too solid flesh would melt" What he means is that; "o oh let my solid flesh melt and turn into dew or that the Everlasting (God) has not fixed his canon ( his law) over self slaughter. Hamlet is really intensively asking questions about life which not a lot of people used to...