"Hamlet": how would you do the film? what would you change?.. Introduction question to the play

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Go to the Hamlet site and print out Act I - Scene 1. Complete parts A and B below.

A. I will try to do a more modern version of the movie but at the end the movie will have the same meaning but with more modern theme. Instead of a King I will put maybe a famous person, for example a singer, or instead of a ghost I will put a fan of that famous person.

B. As the director of the new version of HAMLET, I will begin the version of the play with an introduction like, in the northwest of the United States country, exactly New York state, a famous rapper and all of his body guards were afraid of something that happened every night at the same time, but they could never find out until... let's see what happened.. For costumes I will put modern cloth no costumes just normal cloth that is used in today's days.

For music I will use the rapper songs or horror songs.

1. Your father dies and your mother remarries soon after the funeral. She marries your uncle, a man you never liked. He wants you to stay home rather than go back to college where you were when your father died. How do you feel? How would you behave toward your mother? Toward your stepfather?

I will feel bad I think because I wil not like that my stepfather tells me what I can do and what I can't do, also because he is my uncle and he wants to be with her brother ex wife. I will be mad at my mother I think because I do not like the fact that my father died and she soon married his brother. And I think that I will...