Hamlett:play Within A Play Act 3

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Hamlet Act III The significance of the play within a play is to help express Hamlet's anger toward his uncle. Hamlet wrote this play and it is like a speech to the audience.

Hamlet sat around and told the actors how to act it out and to make it believable.

He wanted them to use emotion and it make it dramatic. Hamlet used this play to show that Claudius was guilty of killing his father. He wanted to make sure Claudius could recognize his guilt. Hamlet knew that Claudius was hiding his guilt and Hamlet wanted to make it obvious. He wanted Claudius to see how he hurt his entire family and how it was wrong to kill his brother. Hamlet did not expect Claudius to feel sorry for the act he performed, but he wanted him to realize the pain he caused everyone. Hamlet was very passionate about the play.

He wanted everything to be believable to the audience and not look as though it was planned. He was also angry about the entire situation. His own uncle killed his father, and he was the one who would have to get revenge on him. Hamlet was angry at him also because he married his mother. He did not think it was right for him to take her, so he was ready to catch Claudius in the act of being guilty.