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HAMMERMILL PAPER COMPANY Background The Hammermill Paper Company grew from operating one business to operating five businesses within a twenty-five year period. During that time, no formal policies were implemented to help unify the expanding organization. Company leaders now realize that Hammermill cannot continue to prosper unless there's a restructuring of the policies for communication and planning. Since cooperation among all employees is required to successfully reorganize, Hammermill Corporate needs to institute a top-down approach to its new changes.

Changes and Strategies Hammermill's first step is to establish a sense of urgency about the changes, which does not mean causing panic. It means researching the industries and examining the company's ability or inability to continue competing in them. As a result, Hammermill Corporate can inform employees about company weaknesses, opportunities and reasons why change is necessary for continued success.

Hammermill's next step is forming a strong team to lead the change campaign.

A unified collaboration of management and corporate support is a necessity to implement policies, increase communication and guide the work staff. The primary source of information about all new changes should be the CEO, Albert Duval. The division managers should act as the primary spokespersons, because they will be responsible for actually making sure the changes have been implemented and for fielding questions about the new procedures.

Next, the company should create the vision and strategies needed to direct the new changes. The overall goal is to shift Hammermill from a group of separately run businesses to a team of communicating businesses. Corporate management needs to paint the vision of team mentality at Hammermill. The company's strategy to achieve this vision is to institute a new formal planning process. The process is intended to increase the flow of information between all departments. There are two important changes...