Hampshire Castle- a short story about medieval times in england

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Hampshire Castle

Between tall, snowy mountains and a slow river stands the remains of a castle. These are the remains of Hampshire castle. Now just a crumbling viewpoint for camera lenses, the castle was once a glorious sight over the surrounding countryside.

In medieval times, the castle walls stood strong and proud. There were no signs of neglect or decay. The stables were fully stocked with magnificent chargers, ready for battle. Knights could be seen, practicing there skills in the vast courtyard. The owner and head of this castle was Lord Ran, king of the realm on which Hampshire castle stood. He had chosen this place to build his castle, for it was as ambush- proof as it possibly could be. The mountains behind were treacherous to pass through and Ran controlled the only two bridges for miles along the river. When Ran's castle was finished, he was very pleased and called it Hampshire castle after the farmland it was on.

Lord Ran was a firm but fair leader, with the support of his people. Like all kings though, Lord Ran had an enemy. Lord Stere, king of a neighboring realm, was jealous of Lord Ran's dominion. Lord Ran ruled a realm of luscious grassland, crops never failed and the people were faithful to their king. Lord Stere's kingdom on the other hand was a dry, barren place, while the people did not care for their king and done as little as possible to get by. Many times the two realms had battled and every time Lord Ran had won because the loyalty of his people.

Lord Ran's son, Prince Hector, was much like his father. Although Hector's mother, Alure, had died giving birth to her only son, Hector had been raised well and was very close to...