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Personality Breakdown: Moira Loses her LOSS OF Individualism in The Handmaid's Tale

The existence of Totalitarian governments is not new to modern history; thousands of people in several parts of the world have been victims of oppressiveness, brutality and maltreatment ironically coming COME from the institutions established to protect their rights and freedom: their governments. THIS IS ONLY TRUE IF THE GOVENRMENT BELIEVES IN RIGHTS/FREEDOM. MANY JUST BELIEVE IN PROTECTING THEIR OWN POWER In the book DYTOPIAN NOVEL called The Handmaids Tale, by Margaret Atwood illustrates this idea by creating a dystopian society called the Republic of Gilead, in which citizens are coerced by the government to fit roles that, especially in the case of women, completely takes away their rights and freedoms as individuals. GOOD SENTENCE A character used to portray this idea is Moira, a tenacious woman that was not afraid to stand up for her OWN RIGHTS (WHICH ONES?).

As the story progresses, the reader can see that Moira's personality changes to one of a weak, miserable NOT SURE THAT IS EXACTLY HOW SHE FEELS AT END women. This novel clearly expresses the idea that a totalitarian government rips away individuality; SHOWN through Moira; using Moira's change in personality, THE NOVEL to createS a feeling of abusiveness THIS IS NOT A FEELING while intending to portray the dark side of tyrannical governments. GOOD USE OF BOWE THESIS

Before the Republic of Gilead was established, Moira was know SHOWN as a strong, vehement women that enjoyed her freedom of sexuality. HOW? She was independent in all levels and was not afraid to go against the norms of society: she was able to "repair her own car" (131) and, unlike most women, she was a lesbian. Moira's personality was so rebellious in...