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Dinesh Witharana, Frankie Chan, and Adam Kedmy Communications 21A THE EFFECTS OF WEALTH ON VARIOUS SOCIETIES The purpose of the group consisting of Dinesh Witharana, Frankie Chan, and Adam Kedmy is to display and examine the effects of wealth in various societies in time. The effects that we will portray consist of wealth's' influences on people, their decisions, and their roles in society. A society is the relationships among human beings in a distinct culture. We will refer wealth, as riches of material value like gold, clothes, and money. This means objects like staple foods will not be assumed to be the wealth that we are talking about. However, the wealth used to buy the staple foods will be recognized in our presentation. The intent of our focus is to compare how wealth affects several different societies, and present this research to the audience. All the sources and media technologies will be incorporated into a skit to exemplify and compare the effects wealth has on the societies of Beowulf, The Odyssey, and Modern day.

The Odyssey Society - Based on 14th Century Greece - World of powerful kings (Agamemnon, Nestor, etc.) who lived in vast wealthy palaces. These kings led large armies suited with bronze not iron - Objects of greater importance had more wealth attached to it (palaces, utensils, clothes, and palaces) - Xenia- Gifts of matter of their status or wealth. If you did not respect Xenia then you will not prosper for the Gods were watching at all times.

- Life, knowledge, power, and the gods were valued more than wealth - Wealth was expressed as lavish clothes, utensils, and extravagant foods - Wealth was a status symbol - The simple fact that nobles are barely noted in any epic poems from this time display...