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Bremen, October 4, 2013

Dear family,

my name is Lukas Raub and I´m 14 years old.

I live together with my two brothers Jakob (16) and Jonas (18) and my parents. The town where we live is Bremen. It is in the north of Germany near Hamburg. Bremen has about 500.000 inhabitants and is a very nice city.

As my parents separated eight years ago, I live in two different houses in the same street. For half a week me and my brothers stay in the house of my mother (Barbara) and the rest of the week we stay in our father´s (Gert) house.

I like sports very much. My favourite sport is soccer, but I also like athletics and all kind of ball games. Once in a week I work as a soccer coach. I am coaching little boys at the age of seven and eight years.

Now I want to describe you a normal day of my life: I get up in the morning at seven o´clock. Then I take a shower and have breakfast. I go to school by bike and stay there until two p.m.

I am attending the 9th class. For four years I have been learning English. My second foreign language is Spanish.

At 2.30 p.m. we have lunch at home. Then I have to do some homework. My brother Jakob and I play in the same soccer team, so we spend much time together. I play the piano for 6 years and started to learn Latin-American and standard dances. I like it very much. At eight p.m. we have supper and I go to bed at 10 p.m.

Since yesterday we have holidays and we will travel to Portugal for one week. This will be the last trip together, before...