"It Happened to Nancy" by Beatrice Sparks: 4 Mistakes that could of been prevented

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Mistakes Nancy made have taken her life. In this report I will point out four mistakes she could have prevented and would have saved the most valuable possession, her life. Meeting Collin at a concert by accident is something that could happen to anyone. Keeping your new "friend' a secret, letting him into the house, and not reporting him raping you is something that could happen to only a select few, a select few that let happiness take advantage of them.

Her first mistake was "falling in love" with Collin. Nancy should have realized what the age difference between them was. She was only 14 at the time of the rape. He claimed to be 19, but was really 24. What kind of freshman in college hangs out with or even dates a girl still in middle school. She was being ignorant and only thinking about how great he is.

If anyone knew about them two they could have knocked some sense into her, which leads me to the next mistake.

Nancy should have mentioned she was dating Collin to someone like her friends. If she thought someone was going to mention something about the age difference she should have sat down and thought about him a little. It is possible that if her friends knew, Nancy would be alive right now. Because of her stupidity she is dead.

The next mistake is letting Collin into the house. No one knew about him being there. Anything could have happened. She thinks being raped is bad, she could have been brutally murdered. Well being murdered might have been a better way out. Even though she thinks she knows him, she doesn't. They have been on a couple dates and all of a sudden they are going to have a romantic dinner,