What happened to our society?

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Sierra Branson


English ll

Module 10, LP#3

Age of Responsibility Essay

Have you ever wanted to grow up quickly? Be like your older sibling or be able to do the things they can do? I know at times I have. But why do we want to grow up so quickly? To drive, drink, vote.. ect? Cause what about money, taxes, work, and more responsibilities? Life is not just about the fun stuff, and I may only be sixteen but I know about responsibilities, work, and money, but that doesn't mean I didn't have a childhood, in fact if I could go back I would give anything too,when I wouldn't care what I looked like all the time, didn't even know what "drama" was. So why do we wanna be grown ups so much? Why do kids that at 15 drink and smoke and think its cool? Why do they question and break laws that are most likely there to protect them and the rest of the world?

At age 16 your issued your driver's license, at 21 you are legal to drink..

I think if we give kids drivers licences at any age younger than 16 there will be way too many car accidents, because one phones are a huge part of a teenager and nine times out of ten car accidents are caused by drinking and driving or on the phone. So why should we give most irresponsible kids an even bigger privilege? I think its outrageous. I think a right is usually given to us as a privilege, and that privilege usually includes the right to vote, to leave school, to have a drivers licences, and the right to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. But a right now a days is considered an obligation to most...