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Human beings are curious creatures in the earth. They have intelligence, thoughts and ability to conquer. However, they often make themselves suffered because of their ambitions and avarice. People are always hungry for fame, money and interests, so they often feel unsatisfied and unhappy. We often wonder what is happiness? How do we find true happiness? It's not easy to answer though have all know that happiness is made up of many factors in life. There is no way to find happiness unless we know to balance our desire and values in life. That is why we can say that happiness is to be satisfied and be in harmony with one own self.

Why do we look for happiness while it is really possible? This world is full of love and joy. That is the way people for people to live. That is the way people feel when they are happy. But if we are realistic, we know that life is not always that way. To enjoy life, we need good food to eat, nice clothes to wear, and a comfortable house where we can find protection and rest. Yet, these are just the basics. Friendship and good health are too. Besides that, we also consider the type of work and the condition under which we do. What happens if we are always surrounded by conflicts, tensions, selfishness and our avarice. Certainly, these will rob us of pleasure and contentment. We will become suffered or disappointed. This helps to explain why many of us are not really happy. Therefore, the first thing is that if we ourselves may not feel so depressed, we can find that some happiness is possible despite our problems.

How can we cope with problems and challenges in life? We know that...