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Happiness Comes From Within Have you ever done something that you really believed in? Something that just made you feel like a good person? Like standing up for that person who always gets picked on for absolutely no reason at all, or finally coming out and expressing how you really feel about a certain topic instead of acting the way everybody else does towards it. We have seen many examples of integrity in history. In America, when young men were being drafted in to the war in Vietnam, many of them did not approve of war. These drafters decided to believe in what they thought was right, and so they snuck to Canada so that war and killing other men could be avoided. Even though these men would get the respect and support from their Country they decided that they did not care that society would think of them as heroes, but they would rather not pretend to believe in war and just be true to themselves.

The modern drama, "A Dolls House" by Henrick Ibsen, demonstrates situations of integrety throughout the play. Ibsen believed integrity of self was far more important than the sense of honour which came from a good reputation attributed to you by society. There are many characters in this play that showed aspects of integrity of self, and then there were others that cared more about the way they would be viewed in society. Nora, the "doll" of the house, develops integrity of self as the play is unfolded. Mrs. Linden, a very good friend of Nora also demonstrates integrity in many ways. Torvald Helmer, Noras husband and definitely the man of the house, is a very self-involved man and cares a tremendous amount about how society views him.

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