Happiness in life.

Essay by anud July 2003

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Is living to live the way life is meant to be? So people really live their life to the fullest? The simplest things make children happy. All they want is toys, food, love, friends, and other little things. As they grow into adults many of the same things make them happy. They want love, food, friends, money, a house, to be financially stable and so on. Then once they grow even more into elderly people other things make them happy. The elderly want to be secure by having money and being taken care of, family, love and more. The quality that gives value to human life is happiness.

Love is one of the biggest things that make people happy. Families all love each other very much and most families show it in the same way. The holidays throughout the year are an example. Everyone comes together to celebrate and share each others company.

It's a time when everyone feels loved and knows they have people there for them. Even strangers show love for each other in different ways. People show they have concern for others especially now that we are at war. At schools students are donating money so he soldiers can have things they need to survive.

Freedom makes people happy. Everyone likes the fact that they can choose who and what they want. There are so many different religions and everyone has the right to choose which one they want to practice if they want to practice one at all. Another example of freedom is people get to vote for who they want in power.

Voting also makes people happy because they have a say in who rules over them so that person will hopefully make decisions they would make on their own.

The mystery of life...