How to be happy?

Essay by goldwind007 October 2004

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Our lives today are much busier than our fathers'. A day passes by with many experiences which may be sad or happy. But how many of us can spend time, even just a moment, to ask ourselves, "How to be happy?" The question which at first seems easy to us then becomes more complicated to us. The problem here depends on how we define the term "happiness". Some people will say, "Happiness? Well, it is to love and to be loved. Few even say, "That's too easy. Money. Only being rich is heaven!" For me, happiness comes to me when I have a life of bliss. Nothing but a happy family and a meaningful day that make me happy.

That one has a father and mother is invaluable. I'm so lucky when I was born into a happy family. The happy family is the best basis for a child to grow up and develop his or her talent.

Without a family, we aren't able to do anything successfully. We also can not overcome our difficulties easily if we are not backed up by our family. How can we be in the way we are now if we haven't been taught by our parents since our childhood? Anatole France, a French writer said: "Family is a very good school". It is in family that we can learn good habits and customs together with mutual love and support. Our mothers are always ready to accede to our wishes and look after us days after days. Our fathers are willing to sacrifice everything to make us happy and comfortable. Another member who is also very necessary to our lives is our brother or sister. They are the one who understand us most besides our parents, who play with us and help us...