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This is to anybody who self harms themselves, who's has the thought of committing suicide and who has tried committing suicide. Imagine your best friend, imagine the partner you're with, imagine your family ending their lives and you waking up every day for the rest of your life knowing that you will never see them again for the rest of your life on this earth. Imagine the pain, everyday you will go through never seeing them again because you took your own life away. Imagine how much you would weep and you would cry, how your soul would be damaged and that you will never feel the same again because that person took their own life. That's the pain that you will give your family, the partner you're with, your friends, that's the pain that you will give them if you take your own life away.

You have so much to live for.

I can't stress that enough. People think they are not worth anything and that they will never get anywhere. Let me tell you that everybody has a purpose; everybody has something that they should be doing, you are worth something and you are your own self and nobody could replicate you, you are your own special individual and nobody can take that away from you. The people who are bullying you right now will go, the problems that you have will go away eventually in your life. Life is huge, and it is not worth taking your life away because of some stupid situations right now, because I guarantee you they will go. You will have a family one day, you will settle down and you will hopefully die old and die from natural causes and not because you purposely did that. You are worth so...