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1 Introduction

1.1General conditions

All proposals, to be considered, must be submitted on before 12:00 AM EST on the 30th day of May of 2004 to the program manager , 1234 PM street, Suite 100 Orlando, FL 32822. Proposals must be delivered among this document signed by the proposal responsible.

During the evaluation, the Contracting Authority may require clarification from or conduct interviews with Bidders.

The contractor reserves the right to discard any proposal without provide feedback with specific rejection details. Proposals will be evaluated at least, but no limited to: price, performance offered, geographical location of proponent, proponent curriculum and experience.

The final system must be implemented on production not later that 31st of December of year 2004.

1.2 Summary of Requirements

Happy Hu King requires an Internet Website available for restaurant customers.

The website must accomplish at least with the following specifications:


Displayed Information:

·Restaurant Photograph and logo

·Restaurant Name, address, phone and Fax numbers

·Calendar of business hours

General Functionalities:

·Allow to display restaurant food menu

·Allow downloading of template for orders by fax

·Availability to include a custom message on the web page

·Allow sending messages to the web master

Technical Specifications:

·Monolithic, integrated in a single personal computer

·Include registration of Internet domain www.happyhuking.com

·Provide commercial standard protection against intrusion

·Provide remote administration capability

·Response time must accomplish industry standards


·Training in system use and administration procedures (startup/shutdown, backup and recovery) must be provided for system responsible.


·Maintenance period or three months limited to content displayed but not functionalities

2 Proposal

2.1 Enquiries

Any questions regarding this Request For Proposal (FRP) must be submitted in writing to the contracting authority as early as possible during the period for the RFP. Enquiries must be received no less than 15 calendar days prior to...