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A strong benefit for the active employees to engage in during the unionization process would be to promote the LPN members. The promotions would strengthen the involvement and maintain employee progression. Employees often prefer more responsibilities and job satisfaction when growing with the company. The union would help to encourage progression and salary increases.

When a company offers bonuses, employees often work better to reach goals that have incentives. Incentives to increase salary or vacations give employees a goal to strive for and create motivation to attain those goals. Companies need to help employees strive for efficiency and production. When employees attain the expectations, companies should reward them accordingly.

Leadership positions often lead into management positions. Strong leaders who are respected by employees often maintain good groups that produce efficient results. The leader is responsible to lead a team to success.

Telling the employees that salaries would decrease in order to finance the collective bargaining agreement would not be recommended.

A more tactful way to explain union costs would be to advise the employees that union dues are necessary to ensure costs of union benefits. Explain the benefits of union costs and allow employees to decide if that will benefit them.

Many benefits of union association are well appreciated. Other union issues may become involved within the red tape and political dealings that may cause detrimental problems amongst the company. Depending upon the needs, union may be a positive move for both the company and employees. The union will help to ensure retirement, investments, medical, job security, reform issues, and mediations.

Threatening to close the facility due to union campaigns would definitely not be advised. There may be legal issues to negotiate if threats are used. Allowing employees to decide if union is a possibility to accrue is the best...