Hard Life

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Hard Life Growing up can be very hard sometimes. When I was growing up, I had problems that last for a whole year like the bullies I had in school.

I had trouble growing up. My problems had been in school. It all started in second grade, where four kids kept bulling me. Life became as hard as breaking a rock with one hand.

I didn't know what to do. They have always tried to beat me up at recess or made me do things, such as eating sand and giving them my toys. In every single recess, I became as scared as a man who had seen a ghost. Everyday after school, I would look at my dog and tell him why haven't I been brave enough in school. I knew he can't tell anybody.

One day, by accident, I tripped over the bullies' toy, breaking it.

Then they, angrily and fiercely, beat me up.

The next day after school, I looked at my dog while he hunted and devoured a roach. I realized I became unable to live that way and had to do what my dog had done, I had to show who was boss. I went to recess and stayed by the swings while I waited for them to come. They finally came. I had been as angry as a grizzly bear. I threw a swing at one of them, tackled the other, followed by a kick at the third one's chest, and the last one ran away.

I felt proud of myself. Later on, I became better in school and sports. That experience helped me go through life. I hope I don't get any bullies in the future.