Hardship Experience Is Not Necessary For Young Students to Mature

Essay by rain May 2003

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I do believe that the hardship experience is not necessary for young students to mature.

First of all let us see the definition of "hardship" and "mature". "Hardship" means suffering or discomfort that arises in life, perhaps trivial or serious. And "mature" means well developed both mentally and physically. The reason why we call it hardship is because itself hampers the progression. As we try our best to avoid the hardship, which is not necessary for us to mature during our up growth. For instance the SARS is a kind of hardship. Almost everyone scare about it. They wear masks; have medicines to prevent themselves from infected. On the other hand the people who have been infected try their best to recover from the terrible disease as soon as possible. The reason here is clear this kind of hardship is not necessary for young students to mature. Otherwise, there will be no need for hospitals and other kinds of healthy organizations to exist, and the whole nation even the world will be eager to be infected the SARS. Besides disease, other kinds of hardship also bring a lot of bitterness and have much negative effect on people. Let us look back on history; if there were no despotism in medieval, the talents Bruno would not be burned to death in Rome. If there were no Clearing Reactionary Movement in Soviet, thousands of righteous intellectual would not die in gulag. Here we see the hardship experience is not necessary for young students to mature.

Secondly, we should distinguish "necessary" from "inevitable", which is different from each other. During our process to mature, the hardship is inevitable, but not necessary. There is a misunderstanding in some people's notion---overly exaggerating the advantages of the hardship for youth to mature. It is true...