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Hardware and Storage

Schevella Nicholes

CIS 319-Computers and Information Processing

Group ID: BSAM09DAI0

University of Phoenix

Instructor: David Avery Jr., BS, MS

November 24, 2007�

Hardware and Storage

The hardware used in business is essential in timely and accurately processing information. Most high-level executives want information quickly, and with the use of computers, requested information could be delivered in a speedy manner. Computer hardware plays an important role in the creation, storage, and retrieval of data. Many types of hardware exist, and deciding what would be the best decision for company hardware depends on what is to be accomplished. Several factors have to be taken into account like data input and output, the speed of the computer, and storage devices.

Data Input

Printed questionnaires and telephone surveys would be best accomplished if the answers are put on optical mark recognition (OMR) paper and the answers would be scanned into a computer for analysis.

"To process documents more quickly, the banking industry developed magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), a system for reading data quickly where the data is placed on the bottom of a check that can be read by both people and computers" (Reynolds & Stair, 2006, p. 58). The point-of-sale device is the best method for accurately entering retail tag information. "Point-of-sale (POS) devices are terminals used in retail operations to enter sales information into the computer system which includes total charges, including tax" (Reynolds & Stair, 2006, p. 57). The best method to use when entering long documents is "a special scanning device called an optical data reader" (Reynolds & Stair, 2006, p. 57). With optical data readers, documents can be converted into digital data. All the aforementioned processes eliminate the possibility of human error. One keystroke off and all the data would be...