Hardware Systems: Computers and Information Processing

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This paper will discuss several ways data can be captured by using different

methods of input devices. Many of these input devices are commonly used by many of us each and everyday. Along with input devices the quality and convenience of several outputs will be discussed. These devices are also popular in today's business world and are used by millions on a daily basis. Another point of discussion will be several types of storage devices, which are optimal for different circumstances. And finally, the paper will outline the role of several devices and the impacts they have on a computers performance and speed.

Hardware Systems

The best method of data input for printed questionnaires would be a scanning device, which is called an optical data reader. Depending on the format of the questionnaire there are two types of ways a scanner can capture the data recorded on the questionnaire.

The first is called optical mark recognition (OMR) and the second, optical character recognition (OCR). OMR readers scan data that have been captured on a form. Typically these are forms that have boxes that must be filled in by a pencil. OMR is most often used for surveys, standardized tests and census reporting. When the boxes are filled in completely the scanner is able to produce accurate results of the data captured very quickly. OCR readers are able to convert handwritten and typed documents into digital data so if the questionnaire had had written responses these would be captured by the OCR scanning process as well. OCR would also be the best and most accurate method of input for long documents. Scanning in both of these documents would avoid human error during a manual input process, which would be done by keying in the data manually. Words that are...