Hardy Boys

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Name: Brian Peck Book Journal Mr. Lanni Author: Franklin Dixon Title: The Tower Treasure Type of Book: Fiction Date: 11/15/00 Date Chapters 11-15-00 1 "“ 2 As Joe and Frank Hardy were driving down the road on their motorcycles a blue sedan came at them head on, it just barely missed them, but after it passed and they had been going down the road for a bit it was back. The car blow past them so fast that the brothers couldn't get the license-plate number or a good look at the driver but they did notice his red hair. As the boys drove home without any more problems they were on their way to their friend Chet's house, however off to the side of the road was an overturned wrecked car. Apparently it was the same car that almost hit them twice but the driver was nowhere to be found.

As the boys arrived at Chet's house he looked very worried. When Frank asked him what was wrong he told him that his car had just been stolen.

Chet's car was a bright yellow jalopy and the boys thought that it would be easy to find so they got on their bikes and speed down the road after it. Soon after they saw Callie walking down the road and they stopped and asked her if she had seen the car and she said that she had and that it was headed into town. She also told the boys that the man had red hair, so Frank and Joe both assumed that it was the man who had wrecked his own car. They couldn't find the car so the boys went to the police and reported the crime. 11-17-00 3 "“ 4 Frank and Joe are the sons of a famous...