Hari's Journey to Bombay

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Village by the SeaAnita DesaiHari’s Journey to BombayBy: Rasha Sakr“The Village BY The Sea” is a humane story, offering an insight into daily life in India. This book is about the relentless struggle of two Indian fishing-village teens, 13 years old Lila and her brother 12 years Hari to earn their poverty stricken family a living.

Their father is a useless drunkard, while their mother is an ailing health, there’re also younger sister to take care of. As a last resort to solve the financial crisis Hari leaves his village and runs off to Bombay to earn money, leaving Lila alone to manage things. How Hari learns to survive in the city and how Lila gently manages the house, throws the question upon us at what we are doing today with all our great blessings.

Hari and Lila‘s outstanding will to survive against the hardships of life and their desire to break all the odds of their dismal family led them to take the decision to change their sorrowful conditions.

They’re no more pessimistic solemn kids on the contrary they became determined and willing to fight against the negative power that works against them, that power resembles their drunken father, who sold everything they own, the cow, their boat as well as the money they’ve in order to pay his debts “When Lila’s Father still owned a boat and went to sea to fish, her mother used to bring flowers to this sacred rock..but he no longer fished, he had sold his boat to pay his debts, her mother was too ill and weak to get out of her bed.”. These conditions frustrated his children and made them unable to enjoy their childhood, they became as Hari stated “shriveled adult keeping up with the other adults in...