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"Harland Day" On November 11,2001 I met my favorite actor, Harland Williams. Since Harland is also a comedian he was performing that night at the Laff Stop Comedy club.

Since I wanted to see Harland so badly I bought my ticket three months in advance. I was going to be as close as possible. My ticket was for the 10:00p.m.

show, which drove me crazy with anticipation all day long. I started getting ready at 7:00p.m., which was probably smart since I changed 10 times before I decided what i was going to wear. I decided to go with a comfortable pair of jeans and a beautiful, polyester shirt covered in butterflies. I felt cool. I got to the show 30 minutes early, even though I had paid for reserved seating, see I could be as close to the man as possible. I could see Harland talking to people from his 7:30p.m.

show. He seemed so nice. He was signing autographs, talking and even taking pictures. He stuck out like a sore thumb, he's atleast 6'5" and he has these flamboyant side burns. He's beautiful. He was so patient and compfortable with everyone, he seemed like a cool guy. But I was way to shy to approach him. I simply watched him in his essence. Once inside the small theater where the show would go on I got a little more nervous. The club was small and mostly dark, except around the stage, I felt like I had a huge spotlight on the back of my head. It was all for the best though because I was only three feet away from the microphone.

There were two other comedians that went on before Harland, I think they did this just to torture me. Then finally after about what seemed like forever, but was probably only an hour, they introduced the man himself, Mr.Harland Williams. I thought I was going to die.

He was histerical. He did impressions, a ton of his own jokes, and pf course he sang. Do you know who he sang to? He sang to me, and I freaked out. I lost it. I started crying in front of a huge club full of people.

The show lasted about an hour and when it was over I knew I might have a chance to meet Harland. So he left the stage, the crowd left the room, and i lagged around the back, hid behind the bar, and once again just watched him do his thing. By the time I got up the courage to go talk to him he was heading towards the office. He was leaving and I was going to lose my chance to meet this beautiful man. Suddenly without any thought at all my legs started moving towards him and the next thing I kmow I am having a ten minute conversation with Harland Williams. When we were finished talking and I walked away I could see the awe in the other fans eyes, I had pulled it off. There is not a doubt in my mind that I will never forget November11,2002, the day I met Harland Williams. It is also the day I actually got up the nerve to just let go of all my fears and do what needed to be done.