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How is the perfect bike formed? The perfect motorbike is light, fast, agile, and looks amazing. Harley has done this on almost all of their bikes. An extensive study of the Harley-Davidson Company, rival companies, and rival bikes prove Harley-Davidson is the best manufacturer of motorcycles.

In the early 1900's, four men decided to build a motorized bike. This bike then developed into what is now known as the Harley-Davidson Company. One of the first men was William S. Harley. He started at the early age of 15 and became the chief engineer and treasurer of the Harley-Davidson Company. Arthur Davidson was an expert pattern maker. Arthur developed into the company's secretary and general sales manager. He died on the 30th of December 1950 in a car crash (McDiarmid, 2001, 56). Walter Davidson was an expert rider, mechanic, and machinist. William A. Davidson was known as the heart of the company and was the work manager.

These four men were the founders of the best motorbike company ever, Harley-Davidson.

The first couple of years of the business were some of the hardest. The four men completed their first motorbike in about 1903(McDiarmid, 13). In their 1904 season, they produced somewhere between one and eight bikes. The first motorbike ever produced went for a total of 134,000 kilometers (McDiarmid, 13). This gave the Harley-Davidson Company a reputation of being dependable. In 1906, Harley was making at least 50 motorbikes a year. The Harley-Davidson Company became an official company in 1907 and by then was making 150 motorbikes a year. By 1908, the Harley-Davidson Company was producing 450 machines a year with a staff of 18 (McDiarmid, 17).

As the Harley Davidson Company grew, they became too big for the factory they were in. In 1910, they invested in a...