Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

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The story is based on the quote, "What's the use of stories that aren't even true?" The use of these stories is to help people get an imagination, and to help people keep their imagination. One question you could ask is, who are fantasy stories mostly told to? They are told to children and babies. This is probably the reason why they have more imagination. Imagine a child without an imagination. Just think what a boring life it would have. The child would probably be quiet all the time. Wouldn't have very many friends, if any at all. Wouldn't be able to have any fun, because nearly everything a child does needs an imagination. For example when it is playing with toy cars or dolls. Of course they don't really make screeching noises and they don't really talk, but a child has the imagination to think that way. In this novel it is not only children who want to listen to Rashid Khalifa, but also older people.

To those who admired him, he was Rashid the Ocean of Notions. To those who were jealous, he was known as the Shah of blah. So what would older people want with stories that aren't even true? It could be that they want something the cheer them up. To help them think about something else other that work. Maybe even to tell the stories to their children. Another use of stories that aren't even true is to teach a moral, or tells the truth under the description of a fantasy. It also lets the storyteller a chance to be free with his/her speech.

What is the nature of truth? Well first of all what is truth? Truth is a real process with real results. Truth is something that has been proven right. Truth...