Harriet Tubman

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Harriet Tubman Never giving up is important to one's life. Never giving up is a hard thing to do. Never giving up gets you further in life because when you preserve, the rewards are often positive for yourself and hopefully others in this world.

In 1820 a great person was born her parents named her Harriet. Her mother's name is Harriet Greene Ross, and her father's name is Benjamin Ross. She is one of eleven kids. In 1824 her master got married and his son took over the plantation. Her two sisters got sold to another plantation. Then ten white southerners prohibited teaching slaves to read and write, so she never learned.

Harriet was never educated in her life. She married two men in her life. In 1844 she married John Tubman. After she married Jhon Tubman she left for ten years to help slaves. When she returned Jhon had remarried.

So than in 1869 she married Nelson Davis. She never had any children.

When Harriet was young she was a slave, she would've chose something else if she was able to. When she was older she was a great nurse, a great spy, a great Union person, and she also freed slaves. She had great accomplishments, she freed over 300 slaves and helped for women's rights. Harriet had some great leadership qualities, she lead over 300 slaves to freedom in Pennsylvania, she lead teams of black scouts behind enemy lines, and she also helped Union Troops raid the south.

She retired in 1857, to buy a house for her mother and father. A very sad event occurred when Harriet died on March 10, 1913, at the age of ninety-three. She lived a great life.

Harriet Tubman has been a great influence to me. She taught a lot of...