Harrison Keyes Benchmarking

Essay by ikhalid April 2009

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As per the course scenario (Harrison-Keyes, 2009) Harrison-Keyes, in recent years, has suffered the woes plaguing the entire industry. As competition from low-cost retailers eats into profits, publishing companies are finding success, or even survival is a challenge. In an effort to revitalize the company, the Harrison-Keyes Board of Directors recently hired a new CEO. This newly hired CEO hails from the high-tech industry and is a strong proponent of all things digital. The new CEO plan to update Harrison-Keyes's strategy for the new millennium hinges on e-book publishing. (Scenario: Harrison-Keyes, 2009). This paper will present Implementation plan generic benchmarking examples that offer some possible alternatives and solutions to assist Harrison-Keyes with its transition. Subjects presented will include the importance of the team's participation, the SMART strategy from the beginning of the project, Team work, communication, SWOT analysis, internal and external environments. Benchmarking examples will also support human resources role in directing change and new business strategies through organizational effectiveness and capabilities.

Oracle and IBMHarrison-Keyes Inc., a global publisher of print products, specializes in scientific, technical, business books, journals, professional, textbooks and other educational materials for all levels of study (Harrison-Keyes scenario, 2009). This company was regarded as a leading publisher of business, scientific and technical information (Harrison-Keyes scenario, 2009), is currently looking for growth opportunities by adopting e-publishing and hopes to bring this new strategy marketing to help revitalize the company and lead to competitive advantage.

Harrison-Keyes management team needs to focus on evaluation the firm management process and its relationships that affect the firm's new service which is introducing e-publishing products to customers. Strategic management team needs to perform SWOT analysis in order to know the firm's strengths and weaknesses as well as its threats and opportunities. Knowing who the customers are and what their purchase behaviors...