Harrison Keyes Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Harrison-Keyes

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Gap Analysis: Harrison-Keyes

Harrison-Keyes is a major publisher with a long history of success and over 22,000 plus publications. Management has recently seen a dramatic decrease in sales due to changes in distribution and new media format. They have identified a new media that will help them to stay competitive in the industry. Some executives had earlier theorized that starting a new electronic book initiative would help to solve the mounting financial problems and return large profits. However, there have been countless problems in getting this idea to fruition including the loss of a CEO who was fully backing the idea. This analysis will show how the lack of consistent leadership, attention to detail and the lack of reporting processes led to the failing of the project.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Several issues have contributed to the current state of the Harrison-Keyes' e-book project. While definitely problematic, the multitude of issues has led to additional opportunities that could greatly help the situation. "When one door closes, often another one will open (Parachin, 2005)."

There were four key issues identified in the scenario that were detrimental to the success of Harrison-Keyes. The first issue is the lack of a clearly defined project plan which caused confusion throughout the project. This issue could provide the company with an opportunity for a fresh, more organized start that is tracked and charted with clearly identified milestones.

The second issue is the lack of adherence to a project baseline. Harrison-Keyes cut the project budget by 20%. This became an opportunity for executives to terminate the project, reevaluate the project, or shelve the project until a later date.

The next issue...