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Implementation Plan Concepts WorksheetConceptApplication of Concept in the ScenarioReference to Concept in ReadingProject management structuresIt is evident that there is a lack of project management structure at Harrison-Keyes. The project is plagued with inefficiencies and problems. The budget is out of line, pre set deadlines are not being met, authors are dissatisfied and threatening lawsuits due to the lack of anti-piracy strategy, the current e-commerce hardware/software is not compatible with the proposed selling strategy and projections, and bad publicity plagues the project.

Many companies struggle when trying to balance developing/implementing new projects and continuing the day to day operations of the business. Harrison-Keyes is no exception, as its e-publishing initiative is being refined and implemented the company is faced with day to day operation struggles. People, time, and monetary resources are currently being shared by both the project and normal busing operations with no clear project structure guidelines.

Project management structures represent the major approaches to organizing projects (Gray & Lawson, 2005).

"A good system appropriately balances the needs of both the parent organization and the project by defining the interface between the project and parent organization in terms of authority, allocation of resources, and eventual integration of project outcomes into mainstream operations" (Gray & Lawson, 2005, p. 55).

Defining project scope"As fundamental and essential as scope definition appears, it is frequently overlooked by project leaders of well-managed, large corporations" (Gray & Lawson, 2005, p. 100). Harrison-Keyes' poorly defined scope currently appears to be a barrier to its potential e-publishing project success. Harrison Keyes's project scope seems to lack how completion of the e-book formatting, prevention of piracy, and start of web sales will be tied together."Defining the project scope sets the stage for developing a project plan. Project scope isa definition of the end result or mission of your...