Harry Potter

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This book is a very good one,and I'm happy to own it.Here it is: Harry wake's up one night,have a dream which make's his scar burn.Harry is a boy of fourteen,with untidy black hair,with thunderblot shaped scar on his forhead.He's a wizard,which explains the trunk with mysterous stuff at the foot of his bed,filled with a broomstick,spellbooks,and other.

Harry later get's dressed,went down the stair's owned to his aunt and uncle.The three Dursley's were already around the dinner table.Beside's his aunt and uncle being there,his cousin,Dudly,was there.He,Dudly,was on a diet.

I hope you don't mind if I moved quickly along.The doorbell ring's,and Harry's uncle go get's it.About 30 sceond's later,His uncle come's and point's at Harry and say's,"You.In the living room.Now."In the living room, his uncle show's him a "lett- er about you."The letter is from Ron's mother,inviting him to the Quidditch world cup.

With a cunning mind,Harry is aloud to go.But the day Ron,His father,(Mr. Weasley)and his twin brother's come,well,read it to find out.

This paragraph will start at the Quidditch world cup.Harry has a great time at it,but what happen's after it I will put it in this paragraph.Mr.Weasley wake's Harry and everyone else who came:Harry,Ron,Hermonie,Ron's dad,and other.There's s- creaming outside,what's goin' on?They walked out of the tent.Mr weasley tell's the group to go to the "wood",as they call it.After a while,Ron trip's over a tree branch.

Hermonie lit's up her wand,Ron does the same.Harry reaches for his wand...His wand, missing.Far away,someone is in the "wood."This somebody say's a indacation,sending something from his wand.'Tis a skull with snake.Behind them,other wizard's say s spell for stunning.They miss.

Harry go'es back to the tent,Ron and Hermonie behind him.Basicly, And to shorten this repoort,he went to bed.Harry stay's the Weasly's place for the remander of the summer vaction.he get's up first day of school, to go to the train that take's hime to school.