"Harry potter and the goblet of fire": directors cut

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The Harry potter film the Goblet of Fire is the best film yet of the potter franchise. It was filmed by Mike Newell, who has taken over from Alfonso Curson who filmed the Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This was an apparently a film hard to top but, Mike Newell and his crew did it with hard well earned work and their success was well earned

It starts out with Nagini the snake weaving all the way through the grass and the camera travels through the grass with Nagini as she meanders and weaves her long body. The effect of this makes it so spooky and gives a sort of suspense because the Nagini looks like she is after something or somebody. It's the opening chapter of the fourth book, where the aged caretaker is making tea. He sees a light on in the old Riddle house, we get a shot or two of the very important graveyard, and then we stagger upon Worm tail and Voldemort (hidden by a chair).

They're clearly planning the whole Moody charade.

During this all the Lights are dim. Dimmer enough for it just to be candle light. There are a lot of shadows created to make it look a lot scarier and really help define the gloom and horror which will be unleashed late in this film.

The music though is very slow tempo and makes your heart to beat faster. It adds to the suspense and makes you want to watch the film to find out what happens. The music brings it out the emotions and reactions from the characters to you which make every movement feel like it has a lot of power behind each action. This makes each action look like it has an important part to tell...