Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the united states

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Harry S. Truman the 33rd president of the United States was born on May 8, 1884 in Lamer Missouri.

His father, John Anderson, worked as a farmer, and his mother, Martha Ellen Young Truman, was a house wife. He had only two younger siblings.

His early education consisted of colemption of the 12th grade at Independence Hight School. He attended night classes at The University of Missouri, but did not graduate.

As an adult he worked as a farmer, bank clerk, and business man, he held the polotical offices of Jackson County Judge, Presiding Judge of the Jackson County Court system, he was a senator for the state of Missouri, and served as vice president for eighty-two days.

After fighting in World War Two he met and married Elizabeth "Bess" Virginia Wallac. She gave birth to only one daughter, Mary Margret Truman. They lived in Missouri untill the death of Rossevelt when he took over as President of the United States of Americia on April 12, 1945.

Alben William Barkley served as his vice president.

Harry S. Truman was the man who authorized the dropping of the atomic bomb in Heroshema, and Nagasakia, thus ending the 2nd world war.

Nearing the end of his presidency the cold war began in Russia, Truman did everything he thought was nessecary to help during what was left of his presidency.

Truman also proposed what is known as "The Fair Deal" a bill in which Truman proposed an expanson of the Social Security Program, a full-employment program, a permanent fair-employment pratice and public housing services.

In 1952 President Harry S. Truman retired and lived untill 1972 when he passed away after a stubran fight for life.