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Harry Truman, an accidental president and machine politician, through his ushering in the Atomic Age and then the Cold War had an impact not only on his own era, but also the way we live now. His early life played a big role by preparing him for life as president. He was one of the bravest and most remarkable presidents of the United States.

As a child, Truman went through many difficulties. He had very poor eyesight; therefore, he needed to wear glasses with thick lenses, which separated him from his peers. Because he had such poor eyesight, he couldn't join any sports. He became a "mama's boy" and was always advised not to roughhouse with his friends (Hamby).

In the place of sports, Truman read all the time. He acquired a great deal of knowledge through reading. According to TIME, he read every book in the local library.

He obtained amazing military history knowledge, which later helped him become military captain. It was a good thing he liked reading because his family's financial issues resulted in no money for college. This made him the only President of the United States without a college degree.

The financial issues led Truman to his first job as a bank clerk. He also worked for a construction company (Hamby). Shortly after, he joined the military. Truman worked his way up to Captain rank because of his ability to effectively lead a large group. He was a member of the 129th artillery regiment. He ran the regiment's only successful canteen (Truman). His work in the military transformed his battery into an excellent unit. He showed leadership and gained wisdom on how to be in charge, which prepared him for presidency. By being in the military he was able to gain political power...