Harsh Fate - Short story about giving up somthing important for the greater good.

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It had been 2 years since Hassan Feiraz had returned to his home country of Iraq after living most of his life in America. As he was sitting there, listening to his training instructor tell him how to cock a gun to finish reloading after gunning out of ammo in the last cartridge, he couldn't help thinking about how he got to be where he was now. Hassan Feiraz was born in Iraq in 1986.but his family sent him to America when he was six, to attend school there, get an education as well as learn English. When he stayed in America, he lived with a foster family who looked after him and helped him anyway they could. The family had a son named Will, who was exactly the same age as Hassan was. They grew up together and fast became best friends, Hassan was considered part of the family and even with his origin, and he was fitting in nicely.

His life couldn't have been any better until the attacks started. September 11 had an impact on every American, especially Hassan.

Being of middle-eastern origin he started receiving all of the taunts of the other boys and girls paying out his nationality, calling him words like towel head or telling him to go back to his own country. This made Hassan get extremely depressed and a loathing for America started to form in the bottom of his stomach. The only thing keeping him there was Will. Will would stick up for him and help him ignore the taunts but Will couldn't be around to protect him all the time and eventually Hassan decided it would be best if he returned to his own country to escape the inhuman comments he was getting at school and everywhere else he went.