Harvest Moon: Unhappy Harvesting

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Chapter 1

Phage was currently expressing his distaste over the fact that he was slowly gathering wrinkles around his eyes. Five years had gone by since Amelia had learned how to talk and walk. Now all her parents wished for was that she would sit down and shut up. The girl was very out spoken, literally she was a chatterbox propped open. The girl was seven years old and playing rough with the boys. Amelia had been known to run around the valley with Hugh, and head the expeditions to inspect different types of dirt. James however, was now ten and quite content to sit inside and read all day. He was pale as the milk he drank, and his shock of wild brown hair only made his skin look even paler.

"Dad!" Phage turned around, James was running towards him.

The boy tackled his father, bringing them both to the ground, "What is it James?"

"Mom wants you to go and help him set the table."

James explained, "And, look at what I found out!"

James eagerly pushed an odd textbook into his father's face.

"What is it?"

"It's this really cool book I found when Steven took me into the library the other day. It's about this science thing called alchemy! The text is kinda old fashioned, and difficult to understand but I'm gonna learn how to read it and figure out how to use it maybe."

"Well good for you James." Phage grinned at his son before pushing him off his chest and saying, "But I personally have nointerest in learning about whatever you called it."

"Alchemy." James filled in for him.

"Right." Phage beamed, his son was turning out to be a real genius.

"Dad, you have wrinkles." James said, frowning.

"Yeah, well you...