Who Has It Easier Men Or Women

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Who Has It Easier, Men or Women? At the same time in two totally different parts of the country, John and Jane Doe are each pulled over by a police officer. John begins to tell the cop the reason for his speeding but no one wants to hear it. He is given a ticket and sent on his way. Meanwhile, Jane, dealing with her police officer, tells him her story and is merely let off with a warning. Although many people would think that men have it easier, it is the women who have things the easiest.

Granted, men do have some things easier. We do have our advantages that help us throughout life that women do not have. For example, in general men are stronger than women. In the normal, day to day life it would be easier for men to do the basic things that will, at some point, need to be done.

What if a sack of potatoes need to be moved from the kitchen, and they weighted 200 pounds. In most cases it would be easier for the gentlemen to do this, rather than the women. Also, it is a proven fact that with the same capabilities and skills, a man would receive better pay than a woman would in the same job. Therefore, making it easier for men.

However, women clearly do have it easier. First, women are less likely to be harassed by police officers because, in general, women are thought of to be nice and good, while guys are more likely to be considered bad and doing the wrong thing. The aforementioned Jane is a perfect example of this.

Also, women are given the choice of whether they would like to go to work or stay at home, in most cases. Men are considered the "bread- bringers" and they must go out and find a job in order to take care of their families, while women can decide on their own whether they would like to go to work or stay at home to cook and clean. So in this respect, due to the recent changes in society that give women more freedom, they have it easier, with the choice of what they would like to do with the rest of their lives.