Has the Federal Reserve Outlived Its Purpose?

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7 May 2014

Has the Federal Reserve Outlived Its Purpose?

With the everyday fluctuation of interest rates and the continuous downward spiral of the value of the United States dollar, it's not uncommon to wonder what elements contribute to these constant changes. When the government is in debt and they want to send millions of dollars to Syria, does a guard just open up a vault and deliver the money? Who sits in that special office building evaluating the stock prices on Wall Street? Is it possible for America or any of its citizens to be debt free, or will they forever remain enslaved by the one thing that makes the world go round? All of these questions, and more, can be answered within the meticulous yet extensive web that we have come to know as the Federal Reserve Bank System.

Because the name Federal Reserve, also referred to as the Fed, implies that it is part of our government structure, it can be easy to believe that the institution is trustworthy, noble, and in the best interest of our country.

Due to the extensive research and exposés done by men such as documentary film producer and author G. Edward Griffin, it has become rather difficult to find credible support for the Fed's intended purposes. With the amount of investigative information available regarding the Reserve, it has become clear that its existence should be questioned. From its original composers and complex structure to its questionable constitutionality, the Fed has become a common topic of controversy in the political and financial world alike.

The Federal Reserve Bank has remained a genuine topic of dissention for decades. The Fed can be noted as quite possibly the most influential and corrupt element of the...